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Waiting for the purse snatching

Like Creature, I'm a bit ambivalent about today's House vote. While it certainly is a victory for Speaker Pelosi, it's likely to be short lived as President Pissypants reiterated his vow to veto. My guess is he's probably hoping his allies in the Senate will have a better chance of killing the bill where there is an even more tenuous chance of passage. I wouldn't put it past the Repubs to find some way to strip the deadline provision from the text altogether just so Bush could then ratify it even though it didn't pass both houses (hey, he's done it before).

But what if the Senate does, through some miracle of bi-partisan gymnastics, manage to pass the bill as is as well? Would Bush actually make good his veto threat? Wouldn't that pretty much amount to him ripping up the check for his war?

To me, a far more likely scenario is that Bush will appear to acquiesce, perhaps make some show of signing the bill in a bit of "bi-partisan" good faith while secretly amending a signing statement after the cameras have been turned off nullifying the deadline provision. By the time anyone notices, the money will have been spent and Bush will be requesting another X number of billions to keep his war going until he can pass the buck (and the bill) on to the next poor schlep to occupy the presidency.

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