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Opening The Files: 03/21/07

Gone Fishin'

So the Decider told Congress to go Cheney themselves yesterday with regards to top aides testifying on the Purgegate scandal. He said he would not allow Rove, Miers et al to be part of the "partisan fishing expedition" being conducted by Congress. Funny, since some would say that is a far more accurate description of the White House's efforts to stock the DOJ livewell with only GOPer lovin' guppies.

But the Bushies did say they would allow Karl and Harriett to give interviews which would, given their list of demands, be about as trustworthy as a constitutional amendment written in invisible ink. And speaking of which, the Senate voted a whopping 94-2 to make the provision that started this whole sorry episode disappear.

Some sort of showdown in the courts is almost certain since neither Bush nor the Democrats look likely to back down, which is probably what BushCo are hoping for. Nothing like a prolonged legalese court proceeding to make the public lose interest and/or run out the clock.

Also interesting to watch will be how supporters of the administration will frame this defiance. No doubt some of the same people who were once clamoring for subpoenas for every White House aide all the way down to presidential dog walker during the Clinton years will either be strangely silent or will proclaim Bush has every right to resist this "fishing".

In any event, something tells me we're gonna need a bigger boat.

Many expect Bush to invoke "executive privilege" to keep his people from having to testify. Glenn reminds us how well that worked out for previous administrations.

Great analysis from Cernig on how Dubya's coupling of a double dog dare with his "reasonable" offer seems to be an attempt to setup Congress for the coming constitutional crisis.

Kagro X examines the game that Bush might be playing.

Steve Soto says Bush was the one caught fishing. Now he's just trying to hide the rod and reel.

Bryan Young on Bush v. Democracy.

And The Anonymous Liberal says that the White House's offer sounds like something from a Mel Gibson movie. Bush certainly is a "Bird on a Wire" hoping to hold us "Ransom".

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