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Opening The Files: 03/13/07

Undermining Reality

Vice President Dick Cheney appeared at the American Israeli Political Action Committee conference yesterday in which, surprise, surprise, he whipped out the same old tired rhetoric about how Democrats are unsupportive of the troops and rooting for the terr'sts to win in Iraq. Anyone else think that the troops have had quite enough of Cheney's idea of what support means?

Creature already voiced his disdain of the Veep's regurgitations. But then what do you expect of Dick "The Colon" Cheney?

Larry Johnson gives us a lesson in twisted logic. Time for a sub.

Jeffery Feldman on how truly violent Cheney's rhetoric has become and how much the media goes out of its way to avoid reporting it.

Mustang Bobby notes that Dastardly Dick has learned a new buzz phrase.

And Kevin Hayden examines Cheney's claims about what the terrorists want and how little divergence there is between the two's aims.

(Filed at State of the Day)