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Opening The Files: Fitzmas Edition

Will Scooter take down Shooter? Will Libby find a buddy in the pokey? Or will the Decider find this "fine public servant" deserving of a pardon? Find out on the next exciting episode of "Frog March Theater".

As expected, Libby's conviction was big news. Much discussion on whether the President will indeed issue a pardon despite objections and what this verdict means for the administration, especially whether it has made Cheney a liability. Many are upset that others were not on the docket, including the jurors who said that while Libby was clearly guilty, they felt he was just the fall guy. I wonder if Lee Majors is available for the TV movie.

Crooks and Liars (where I also filched the image in this post from) has audio of Rush Limbaugh being particularly incoherent about the Libby verdict saying that liberals are "poking the bear". Not exactly the best imagery to invoke given Scooter's previous writings on bears and poking.

Larisa is none too happy with the mainstream media's participation in this whole sordid affair.

Martin Lewis says that Bush has indeed returned "honor and dignity" to the White House.

Tim F. expects a pardon since Bush doesn't care a wit about public opinion.

Here's Craig Ferguson on Scooter's attempts to explain how he went from the White House to the Big House.

Old Blue says that Libby was the fall guy for just one of the many obstructions of justice plaguing this administration.

And Scarecrow notes that even in defeat, the apologists are still trying to continue the cover up.

Note from X: As this post was originally written, I made a snide reference to prison rape ("pokey in the butty"). I realize now that was a mistake and I would like to take time to apologize to all my readers for my bout of poor taste. Prison rape is no laughing matter. But as I am wont to do, I went for the cheap pun. It was never my intention to make light of a very serious subject and I should have showed better judgment, especially considering I have been chastising others for similar "jokes" the last few days.

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