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The eXorcism

The exorcism of Coultergeist continues with the GOP candidates who attended the CPAC now distancing themselves from her remarks. Mitt Romney must be particularly vexed by the whole affair because not only did he give her a glowing introduction but she later endorsed his candidacy.

I find it rather poignant that Dick Cheney (who is often snarkly referred to as Darth Cheney), was also in attendance because there is a famous quote from Star Wars which I thinks sums up why Coulter continues to make waves.
If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. - Obi-Wan Kenobi

That is perhaps one of the most maddening things about Ann Coulter. She is, at her core, an attention whore. She will do anything to gain that which she craves, no matter how tasteless. And the fact that we give in and attempt to strike her down only makes her more likely to continue. Ignore her and she becomes powerless.

But we can't ignore her, for she is like a wraith haunting the political discourse in this country. Though she may fade into the background just long enough to make you think you are free of her, she returns to the fore as only a poltergeist can: throwing furniture, scaring the pets and causing general mayhem.

There's never a Ghostbuster around when you need one.

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