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The eXorcism II

I promise this will be the last post on Coultergeist (at least until next time, which undoubtedly there will be).

Yesterday, there is a letter being circulated on some of the conservative blogs calling on the CPAC to refuse to invite Coulter in the future. The effort is commendable, even though as one observant blogger noted, the letter seems to go out of its way to emphasize rejecting Coulter not because her remarks are contemptible but because of how her antics reflect on the conservative movement. There is also the issue of why they choose to speak up now that she has used a gay slur (rather tame by her standards).

Ms. Anne took refuge in friendly FOX Newsistan to defend her remarks, derisively dismissing the term "faggot" as a mere "schoolyard taunt". I find this defense particularly insensitive given the frequency with which we are hearing stories of gay and lesbian teens being assaulted and even killed simply because of their sexual orientation. Schoolyard taunt indeed.

And that may be one of the reasons why in this instance we are seeing far more condemnation. It is not the word itself but rather the mindset it represents. And while individual denouncements are welcomed, they should be done as part of a larger wholesale rejection of this type of hatred and bigotry.

Coulter says the conservative movement will stick with her no matter what. Sure sounds like a dare to me.

Update: Joe Gandelman has his own thoughts and a nice roundup.

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