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Hypocrite, thy name is O'Reilly

I had the misfortune to catch one of Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points segments tonight (video here) in which he makes light of the joke about Sen. Barack Obama that his boss, Roger Ailes, made at a recent gathering of radio bigwigs. He points out that the joke was directed primarily at President Bush and that internet "propagandists" are the ones pushing it as a slur against Obama.

You will of course recall this is the exact opposite of how O'Reilly and other right wing talking heads attempted to spin the botched joke that Sen. John Kerry told last October. Then it was the mainstream media who was trying to squash the issue of Kerry's supposed maligning bon mot, even though a careful reading of his words show that it too was a joke directed at Bush.

But all but calling Obama a terrorist, a joke that was in no way botched, is A-OK by O'Reilly's standards.

Why does that not surprise me?

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