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NYT: Eighty-six Alberto

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been taking a lot heat over the firing of eight federal prosecutors and the admission of lawbreaking on the part of the FBI this past week.

The NY Times editorial board sees fit to pile on:
During the hearing on his nomination as attorney general, Alberto Gonzales said he understood the difference between the job he held — President Bush’s in-house lawyer — and the job he wanted, which was to represent all Americans as their chief law enforcement officer and a key defender of the Constitution. Two years later, it is obvious Mr. Gonzales does not have a clue about the difference.

The piece goes on to list the litany of scandals the AG has had a hand in, from warrantless wiretapping to torture. It reads like an indictment, calling for a remedy which the NYT wholeheartedly advocates.
We opposed Mr. Gonzales’s nomination as attorney general. His résumé was weak, centered around producing legal briefs for Mr. Bush that assured him that the law said what he wanted it to say. More than anyone in the administration, except perhaps Vice President Dick Cheney, Mr. Gonzales symbolizes Mr. Bush’s disdain for the separation of powers, civil liberties and the rule of law.

On Thursday, Senator Arlen Specter, the senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, hinted very obliquely that perhaps Mr. Gonzales’s time was up. We’re not going to be oblique. Mr. Bush should dismiss Mr. Gonzales and finally appoint an attorney general who will use the job to enforce the law and defend the Constitution.

If Karl Rove is Bush's Brain (and whose recent affirmations makes one question the wisdom of such a claim) then Alberto can best be described as Bush's Liver. For it is he who as served as the organ through which has been filtered the numerous excuses and justifications for some of the worst behavior of this administration. The NY Times is right that it is time for a transplant.

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