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Mistakes, I've passively made a few...

The gang up on Gonzales continues as new revelations in the Purgegate saga surfaced yesterday. TPMmuckraker had a helpful synopsis of the backstory for those who, like me, are just now getting caught up to speed on the controversy. Gonzo appeared before the cameras to emote the classic 'mistakes were made' excuse, despite mounting evidence that these purges were deliberately coordinated from the get go. And quite a few bloggers were far from passive on the passive voice refrain. He also has a funny way of claiming responsibility since he seems to be dumping the whole mess on the shoulders of his now departed chief of staff and claiming ignorance of what his underlings were doing.

Still the White House professed their undying support for the beleaguered AG. I have a feeling Al might want to start working on his resume.

Lots more Gonzo grievances from Meme.

Postscript: A theme is emerging on the rightie blogs that the Bushies didn't do anything wrong because Bill Clinton had a similar purge of his own when he came into office. That whole "Bill did it too!" shtick is getting kinda old guys.