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Opening The Files: Scandalicious Edition

The Austin Apple Dumpling Gang rides again

Fallout from Purgegate continues unabated. After the piss poor excuses from Alberto "El Hombre" Gonzales the other day, we now learn more about just how involved Bush's Brain really was in the affair. Turns out that it wasn't just Harriet "Anne Oakley" Miers who suggested a mass firin' of US attorneys but The Rove Gunman was also gunning for it. And all the while, George "Slim Pickens" Bush was busy playing with his peashooters celebratin' his mandate with destiny.

The scandal parade reached trifecta status with word that Alberto may have gotten a DOJ investigation of himself shutdown. Will he pull a Lone Ranger and ride off into the sunset or go down with guns a blazin'?

Leahy get your gun.

Will Durst says our Justice Department has turned it into the "Just Us" department. And by us, we mean them.

Sidney Blumenthal notes that all roads in the back alley Beltway have a common destination.

Eugene Robinson has a memo for Al.

The Heretik teaches us about operas and low notes. Or something.

Hunter says that the Gang was just implementing the agenda we all know they care about most.

Old Blue caters us with a rousing rendition of Dem Bones - Bush Style. So many skeletons...

And Cenk Uygur says that while Kyle Sampson may have been designated to wear the red shirt, this Sci-fi script calls for more than just the untimely end of an unknown extra.

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