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Warring like it's 1979

I have been hesitant to blog about the capture of 15 British sailors by Iran the other day because I would like to remain hopeful that this incident is not used as some pseudo-causus belli for the warmongers in this administration, which most likely it would have had it been US forces seized as Ted notes. In that sense we are fortunate, though that is not to say we should make light the seriousness of the situation. This has the potential to spiral out of control very quickly. I for one hope that it can be settled without anyone coming to blows and see the safe return of the sailors. Of course such concerns seem to matter little to the right wing blogs and their compatriots in the media who have been practically wargasming over the prospect of being able to finally settle the score vis-a-vis the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis.

These proponents of a war with Iran no doubt also suffer from what Robert Parry calls "tough-guy-ism" or the propensity to wish to settle grievances through conflict and to fight on no matter how ill-advised or damaging such a conflict may be. The truly scary part is that the people who run our government are also among the afflicted.

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I find this whole incident very suspicious. In what universe do we actually assume that a contingent of British soldiers wouldn't know exactly where they were?

I think you mean sailors but you do bring up a good point. But it's hard to get a bead on what actually transpired because of so many differing narratives which probably the whole point. Muddy up the sequence of events so badly that by the time anyone figures it all out, the missiles have already begun to fly.

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