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Operation Iraq Forever

As if the half billion dollar fortress being constructed in Baghdad or the military studying the feasibility of a prolonged commitment weren't evidence enough that the US intends to stay in Iraq for the foreseeable future, word broke late yesterday that the Democrats have assured that we'll be there for quite a few more Friedmans. They've apparently stripped the Iraq supplemental of the timeline, affectively giving Bush the black check they promised they weren't going to write.

This move has disappointed many who were hoping for more of a tough stance and does not bode well for the donkey party's chances of maintaining their hold on the majority. What does it say about a party if they can't stand up to a president who's slightly more popular than malaria?

The Bushies of course are probably tickled pink over this bill but not for the obvious reasons. Sure it allows the president to keep his war going but he was intent on doing that regardless of how Congress voted. That much was clear by the petulantly dismissive way he has been treating Congress lately.

No, what will really have them excited, particularly the Rovians, is the chance to use this bill as a cudgel from now 'til election time. They will berate the Dems at every chance. The message will essentially be "You had your chance, now shut the fuck up and get to the back of the bus and let the President drive." Too bad it's right over a cliff.

And if, when it becomes clear that the only way to regain their hold on power is to run against the war, the GOPers will flip flop so fast it will make your head spin. Don't believe me? You obviously haven't been paying attention, something which the GOP is counting on. They hope that our pitifully short attention span will be their ticket back to the Speakership and beyond. Their past statements will no longer be operative and will in fact be evidence of their staunch anti-war position. Remember, hypocrisy is just not in their vocabulary.

But the people have had enough of the war and for that matter, the prattling inanity of both parties. Maybe it is time we look to for some alternatives.

Update: A must read from Jill.

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