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FrankenBush and Appeals to Insanity

Yesterday, when "Scooter Libby" was sentenced to 30 months in prison and fined a quarter of a millions dollars, the White House was mum on the issue of a pardon. They claim that they wish to wait on a decision until the appeal process has been exhausted. But such was not good enough for die-hardists like Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and the National Review. Both are howling at Bush for not immediately issuing a get out of jail free card to his loyal Bushie.

And yet, as Anonymous Liberal reminds us, these same individuals have no qualms about the kangaroo courts set up at Guantanamo Bay prison to try terrorism suspects whose sentences, should they ever actually be tried, will likely far exceed anything Libby will have to endure at Club Fed.
These are the very same people who don't care one whit about the people, many of whom are totally innocent, who have been detained without process for years in Guantanamo or rendered to another country to be brutally tortured. These are the very same people who openly advocated for a kangaroo court system in which those on trial for their lives would not be allowed to see the evidence against them and in which coerced confessions would be admissible.

He goes on to recall that none of the above defenders of Libby have advocated any type of change to the justice system that will undue or prevent future "travesties" such as that which has befallen Scooter. As I noted yesterday, defendants at Gitmo don't even have an appeal process to work with. Scooter should count himself lucky.

And one can not help but note the creeping Bush Derangement Syndrome within the ranks of the 28%ers. Last week, Peggy Noonan went off on Dear Leader for his apparent dismissive behavior toward his base on the issue of immigration. It's sad that it took them six years, two failing wars, hundreds of thousands of casualties and a nearly discredited justice department to realize that when you set about creating a monster you always run the risk of them turning on their creator.

Maybe they should read more Mary Shelley.

More BDS here.

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