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Opening The Files: 08/28/07

All The President's Organs

What is there to be said about Alberto Gonzales that hasn't already been said by countless others? Outside of Karl Rove, there is perhaps no other person whose name has come up in the course of so many scandals. And it this and not some sudden desire to spend time with loved ones, which no doubt has prompted this exodus of all the president's men. With subpoena showdowns coming to a head, Karl and Alberto have fallen on their swords, loyal Bushies to the end, hoping their exist will help ensure the cloud that hangs over the White House remains impermeable that much longer.

If Karl Rove was Bush's Brain, then Alberto Gonzales can best be called his liver. For it was his job, first as White House counsel and then Attorney General, to filter and make palatable some of the most odious practices and policies perpetrated by this administration. But as with its anatomical counterpart, there is only so much toxicity a body can take and this administration reached critical levels some time ago.

Whoever is named to replace Gonzales has his/her work cut out for them. For this presidency is suffering from organ failure, which coincidentally, was one of the criteria which Gonzales helped solidify as the standard definition of torture. Ironic that he should now suffer a similar fate.

Andy Borowitz reports that Alberto wants to spend more time "listening" to his family.

Sidney Blumenthal suggests that Gonzo's departure may be like something out of Edgar Allen Poe. Quote the Trapper John, "Nevermore".

Bob Cesca says the AG reminds him of another lawyer who palled around with a doped up has-been.

The Gonzo-meter gang can be forgiven for their bout of self indulgence, mainly because their other suggests for why Gonzales chose now to leave are so believable.

Meanwhile, fellow Slate colleague John Dickerson says that Alberto's long retainer is merely an outgrowth of his boss' inability to admit poor judgment.

And though the White House denies it, there was an unspoken rationale that even Bush couldn't help but let slip.

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