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Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes

Hillary Clinton is getting some flak for her comments about how Republicans might exploit a pre-election terror attack. Judging from the criticisms, it's as if Clinton uttered some taboo claim. I mean come on people, it's not like this hasn't been out there in the ether. Heck there are those actively advocating for another attack. I understand people getting upset with Clinton for supposedly buying into GOP talking points but it probably would be better to debate this now as opposed to say after another attack comes. Because thanks to Bush's failed policies, that outcome is only becoming more and more likely everyday.

Bill Kristol's comments of wanting to "stretch" the military in Iraq for another few Friedmans or so makes me wonder if as a child, Billy Boy would stretch his parent's rubber bands to the breaking point. And when they did finally snap, as rubber bands are often known to do when over extended, would Billy call up or write the manufacturer to scold them for not making the bands elastic enough? Of course, even Billy Boy wasn't stupid enough not to point them at his eyes. More on Kavalier Kristol from Micheal.

Sticking with the stretch theme, Rep. Pete "We found WMD!" Hoekstra now says it was a "stretch" to try to supplant democracy in the Arab world. Just like Kristol, the only thing these guys are good at stretching is the truth.

I'm still finding it hard to believe that Bush's speechwriters would include a reference to Graham Greene in his VFW speech the other day (and I wasn't the only one). They even went so far as to include the famous criticism of the title character, Alden Pyle, as never "a man who had better motives for all the trouble he caused." Doesn't that fit Bush to a T? Then again, it's probably more fitting to refer to Bush as more a Gomer then an Alden.

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