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A Verdict on Us All

I'm sure everyone has heard the news that former "dirty bomb" suspect Jose Padilla has now been convicted of charges of a far less sensational nature than those breathlessly announced by then Attorney General John Ashcroft at the time of his arrest five years ago.

As to be expected, many are talking about the verdict. Most of the righties are trumpeting the ruling as vindication for the Bush administration but I just can't seem to share in their exuberance. Perhaps it is the knowledge of what was done to Padilla during his military detention that has me questioning just who truly "won" with this decision.

But of course the jury was never told of what was done to him or even how he finally came to be in that Florida court, the end result of years spent being bounced around from one venue to another all so the Bush administration could avoid any sort of adverse ruling on their actions.

Well the verdict is in on Padilla. The verdict on the Bush administration has yet to be rendered and if left up to them, never will be.

Be sure to check out the bevy of commentary at the Meme link above. See also Jenny S. Martinez.

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