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The Bore Ultimatum

Bill O'Reilly has turned movie critic and sets his cinematic expertise loose on the latest installment of the Bourne series. BillO seems upset that the movie's protagonist, portrayed by Matt Damon, would dare to question the morality of being ordered to kill without question. He also rants that the technique of waterboarding is shown. Not because it is a heinous act but because the film makes it seem like an heinous act, thus making the CIA look bad.

Given the CIA was used as a foil to dupe the country into backing the war in Iraq and has engaged in practices that most civilized countries consider to be torture, it's not surprising that the filmmakers would wish to cash in on some of this resultant stereotype. As someone who attempts to presents the most xenophobic, jingoistic or nationalistic slant on a story on almost a nightly basis, one would think BillO would understand the idea of appealing to your audience.

But the thing that truly seems to raise his hackles is the fact that the stars of the film have political views not in line with his own.
Actually, neither Damon nor Stiles has to do much acting. Damon does work for the far-left MoveOn organization and is on record as requesting that the Bush daughters serve in Iraq. The actor also told the Idaho Statesman that the CIA’s use of water boarding is an erosion of our American values.

Guess what? There’s a water-boarding scene in the flick. What a coincidence!

Stiles is also down with the far left. On a cable program she explained why she missed a MoveOn event by saying: “I was afraid that Bill O’Reilly would come with a shotgun at my front door and shoot me for being unpatriotic.”

Look it up if you don’t believe me.

I here BillO's next review is for Rush Hour 3 which stars Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan taking on the evilest people of them all: the French.

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