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Goose Creek Terror Scare?

The righties this morning are currently flagging a developing story out of my home state of South Carolina. Here's the details thus far.
The FBI and the Berkeley County Sheriff's Department are investigating what they think are explosives found in a car in Goose Creek.

Police say part of Highway 176 in Berkeley County is closed, and traffic is limited to local residents around Mount Holly Road....

Once federal agents were brought in and analyzed the situation, an FBI-controlled robot pulled a bag filled with the suspicious items from the vehicle.

The two men inside the vehicle, which is reported to have Florida tags, have been detained at the scene.

Other news accounts toss about the words "explosive" and "suspect devices" quite a bit, while others emphasize that the men detained appeared Middle Eastern (a detail which has no doubt set the wingers Islamophobia all a-tingle and thus prompting the coverage). Some of the righties are also noting the location. Goose Creek is home to the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig where several high profile enemy combatants, mostly famously Jose Padilla, have been held before. This lead some to speculate possible jail break scenarios.

I'll hold judgment until more details are available. It could easily turn out to be that the "explosives" found are nothing but an assortment of fireworks, which as anyone who has driven I-95 in my neck of the woods will know that advertisements for them are about as prodigious as pine trees. Stay tuned.

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