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Opening The Files: 08/07/07

Of Conventions and Capitulation

This past weekend, hundreds of bloggers and their readers gathered in Chicago for the second annual YearlyKos. That seven of the eight Democratic presidential candidates were also in attendance is a testament to the powerhouse that the progressive blogosphere has become. But other events this weekend show that there is still far more work to be done. For at the same time that progressives were holding discussions on how best to help Democrats win in future elections, those same Democrats were once again caving to White House demands.

The capitulation this past week has many dispirited and angry. We must harness that emotion, focus it into productive endeavors. Mere ranting at how the Democrats seem intent on proving the Republicans claims against them aren't enough. We must remind the Democrats, indeed all members of Congress, that they work for us. And we have had enough of this administration. Those who will not stand up to this President as his continues to lead this country astray must be reminded that if they will not do so, they must step aside for those who will.

To Congress I say this: enjoy your vacation while it lasts. From now on, there are no more free rides.

Christy suggests starting up a summer tour. Though I think it is one tour the Dems probably wish wasn't coming to town.

Cenk Uygur asks a question that a lot of us are wondering right now.

The latest installment of the Bourne franchise was tops at the box office this weekend. Barry Yourgrau reports on the other "ultimatum" that was a big hit, at least with the Bush crowd.

And The NY Times says there's only one thing the Dems are afraid of. And despite the fact it no longer works, they still seem to fall for it every time.

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