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You Put the Lyme in the Conservo-nut

President Bush gave a rare press conference yesterday that garnered some media attention. I guess he was in a hurry to start his vacation from reality because the consensus seemed to be it was pretty dismal (sans Chris "Man Crush" Matthews of course).

Some of the things discussed were Bush's commitment to accountability. Or rather I should say his lack of commitment. He makes reference to Scooter Libby having paid a high price (though not as high as he would have thanks to him) and then goes on a tear about how everyone's picking on his boy Al Gonzales which then somehow devolves into a reference to 9/11. To hear Bush tell it, accountability is for those who do right, or something.

On the issue of Iraq and the recent meet and greet between Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bush says he'll probably have to explain the way things are to the wayward Iraqi PM. So much for sovereignty.

And when asked about the Pat Tillman investigation and torture allegations, Bush was in full Sgt. Schultz mode.

With all this cognitive dissonance, one wonders if the President isn't indeed being medicated prior to his public appearances.

Speaking of which, we also learned this little blurb yesterday.
President Bush was treated a year ago for what appears to have been Lyme disease, the White House said yesterday in disclosing the results of his annual physical exam.

According to the always helpful Wikipedia, some of the symptoms of Lyme disease include (h/t FDL):
..muscle and joint pains, arthritis, stiff neck, cognitive defects, neurological complaints or fatigue.

Stiff neck? Cognitive defects? Should Bush be worried about little green doctors as well?

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