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Opening The Files: 08/14/07

Spot Cleaning the Mark of Rove

Well the big news this week that will overshadow everything else is the timely departure of Karl Rove from the West Wing. That the chickenhawk won't be frog marched from the hallowed halls is unfortunate but many are glad to be rid of the man who has indeed left his mark on just about everything he ever touched. Actual it's more of a smear, a description far more befitting of his style of politics.

The next few news cycles will of course be devoted to downplaying the significant role that Karl played in the Bush presidency. The questionable outcome of the 2000 election, the Plamegate saga, the US Attorney firings, all will be swept under the rug as friends and colleagues will fan out, manning the talk show circuits to heap praise on the man affectionately known as Turd Blossom.

But we all know the truth. That Rove is one of the biggest opportunist to ever disgrace the halls of government. Nothing is out of bounds to this man. If there was an angle to be exploited, Karl latched onto like a pitbull at a Micheal Vick function. But unlike those poor canines forced to fight for others amusement, Karl did what he did it not for the good of the country but to ensure his own political viability and that of his clients. That his miscalculation of "The Math" lead the GOP to electoral defeat last winter and may lead to further losses in '08 is beside the point. He was the brains of the outfit, whose need for a lobotomy is long overdue.

And as much as I would like to take solace in his leaving, I and many others should be under no illusions that he will truly be gone. For like the stain that won't come out of your underwear no matter how much you scrub, Turd Blossom will also be there in the nether regions, a constant reminder of just how fetid our political discourse can get.

What was it I was saying about heaping praise? Think Progress as predictable media fawning over of the 'Boy Genius'.

Many are speculating about the true reason for Karl's impromptu departure. Is it because of the many clouds of scandal he finds himself under? Is he hoping to hitch his wagon to another? Is the pull of summer just too much to ignore? Heck, maybe he just wants to start up an ice cream store.

The Great White Whale says he understands the harpoons are still aimed his way. To Ahab's Leahy and Conyers all I can say is: Thar she blows!

Lots of "Roving" commentary at The Huffington Post. Arianna says his MO remains solidly intact. Paul Abrams wondered why all the pontificating about The Almighty during his farewell presser given that he is said to be a nonbeliever (also strange when you also consider that he is rumored to have once referred to evangelical leaders at "the nuts"). Erik Lundegaard speculates on Rove in retirement while Bob Cesca isn't too keen on the idea of him walking the streets.

Shorter Eugene Robinson: if only it were truly goodbye.

And Jurassicpork says that with his leaving, the Bush administration loses one of the few individuals who ever came the closest to being transparent. Transparently partisan maybe, but hey, it still counts.

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