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Another Brick in the Groundwork

Last month, the Senate passed by a resoundingly large majority a resolution sponsored by Sen. Joe Lieberman which laid out in clear terms that the US views Iran as being directly responsible for the deaths of US soldiers inside of Iraq. With all the increased emphasis on Iran's supposed involvement in Iraq, I saw this resolution as just another brick in the narrative being constructed to make a military confrontation with Iran seem all but inevitable, and indeed, necessary.

As Creature notes below, the Bushies laid another brick. This time they have taken the unprecedented step of labeling Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a "specially designated global terrorist" organization. This is the first time that a part of any government has ever been given that designation. A lot of people are rightfully worried by this.

For as some observant onlookers have noted, the argument can be made that Bush has now affectively removed the requirement that he seek authorization from Congress before engaging in any preemptive military operations (not that he would have done it anyway). And now armed with this self bestowed authority, it is an argument you can bet those pushing for a conflict with Iran will be making in earnest.

And by the time anyone thinks to object, it could already be too late.

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