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It's Monday, and like most people feel at the start of their work week, I just can't seem to get up the gumption to blog coherently about anything in particular. So let's see what Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes:

Like many who blog, I don't get paid for my opinions. I blog for the passion (some might say obsession) of the writing. It is this lack of monetary gain that some like journalism professor Micheal Skube says should disqualify our opinions from being taken seriously. Funny thing is, one of the bloggers who Skube singled out got him to admit to never even having read any of the work he was so dismissive of. So much for "patient sifting of facts". Presumably Skube was paid for his opinion. Perhaps they should ask for their money back. More from the unpaid masses here.

One of the people who is often referred to as a "journalist" is Fox News' Sean Hannity. Well now the Hannity's America host has delved into that nether realm that separates journalism from activism. At least when bloggers do it, we don't pretend to still be impartial. But it's good that Sean's finally decided to drop the whole pretense thing.

Sticking with the "journalism" jabs, anyone else think that having the same people who were involved in the Plamegate affair grilling Karl Rove probably wasn't the brightest idea the Sunday talkies could have made? And how weird was it that Fox News was the only network willing to ply the skillet, even if Rove was having none of it?

Something else I noticed about Rove's roving of the Sunday shows was his intense interest in Hillary Clinton. Is the architect working on his next master plan? Stay Tuned.

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