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Who Are You Again?

Bios cause bad vibes in Baghdad.

WASHINGTON (XF) - A series of thumbnail bios of members of Congress visiting Iraq have some claiming they are being "slimed" and that the mini-biographies appear to be designed to differentiate them as either for the war or against it. But sources familiar with the documents tell the Xsociate Files that the fliers are actually designed to help soldiers and other service personnel, many of whom have spent the last five years in Iraq, to remember that the US still has a representative democracy.

According to the source, because of prolonged and repeated deployments, many soldiers stationed in Iraq have trouble recalling details from back home.

"Some have been there so long they probably have trouble remembering their spouses name, much less the name of their representative in Congress," the source said on condition of anonymity.

Critics of the administration claim, however, that the documents are actually designed to aid Pentagon officials in creating a "fog" as one lawmaker called it about events taking place in Iraq. Asked at a recent press gaggle if that was the case, outgoing White House Press Secretary Tony Snow denied the allegation.

"Look, we have a lot going on right now. And there are a lot of members in Congress. You can't expect us to remember all their names," Snow said.

"Maybe if Gonzales had had these cheat sheets when he testified before the Senate, he might still have a job," one prominent critic of the administration is quoted as saying.

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