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Mental Patient with Dyed Beard Releases Tape

Well the newest tape from Bin Laden is out and boy is it chalked full of all sorts of goodies that are sure to have the righties crying "See! I told you the Defeatocrats were in league with Al-Qaeda!" That's because in addition to scolding Americans for failing to hold their leaders to account and in fact re-electing Bush to another term, he also chides the Democrats for not bringing about an end to the war. He even mentions Noam Chomsky, global warming and high interest rates which just proves that liberals are taking their marching orders from the terrorists.

It all seriousness though, why are we still taking this man's word as gospel? For that matter, why he still free to release these inane ramblings far more befitting a mental patient at Bellevue?

Now I don't wish to downplay the significance of his words. We should take him seriously when he threatens us. But at the same time, do we really want to let this religious whackjob determine US foreign policy? I mean, we've already got our hands full with the one in charge of it now.

See Meme for the reaction roundup.

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