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Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes

This installment might best be called the "Lingering Legacy Edition" of Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes:

First up: the GOP. With two Repub Senators calling it quits, the forecasts for '08 are looking cloudier by the day. Will the skies clear or will it be a rain out to wash away more of the grime? Stay tuned.

Next is President Bush, who is having a self-pity party about his legacy as commander-in-chief. Considering the pitilessness with which he has treated the highest office in the land, much less the country, you'll have to excuse those of us to choose to drown out the sound of the world's smallest violin.

But have no fear, Karl's on the case. Even has he gets all choked up as he exits the stage, Turdblossom can't help but plop another steaming load praising the decisive leadership of The Decider. He says that history will remember Bush as a 'far-sighted leader'. Near-sighted historians would probably beg to differ on that. If you are willing to risk sudden cranial expansion, check out more from Eli.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who some thought had gone the way of Bush's war czar, is also thinking about her legacy. And while she is trying to paint a much broader image for posterity, she is willing to except that Iraq will be a stain that no amount of revisionist detergent will ever be able to remove. Insert Monica and her little blue dress joke at leisure.

Of course, just as stale is the joke that proponents of continuing the war in Iraq refuse to remove their rose colored glasses. But there comes a time when we move beyond mere mis-corrective lens and into laser surgery, such as when you have a set of lawmakers who despite almost having their plane blow out of the air, still profess the surge is working. Gallows humor aside, one wonders at what point we should mandate that such individual have not only their vision but their heads examined.

Sticking with the perception theme, there has been an almost imperceptible shift in the Beltway conventional wisdom. This is in no small part do to the months in the making PR blitzkrieg by Gen. David Petraeus. For despite available evidence to the contrary, we now have members of Congress who were once against the surge now wavering on their stance. I guess they don't call them neo-cons for nothing.

And finally, a Bushie once famously said that you don't introduce new products in August. Keeping that advice in mind, Cernig peruses the foreign markets and finds that the Bushies might be planning another blitzkrieg of a decidedly different nature.

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