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Opening The Files: 09/19/07

The Week Everything Changed...or Not

Last week, with its Petraeus parade and MoveOn ad apoplexy, was billed by the Beltway punditocracy as the week that was suppose to change everything. But if trends are any indication, P.T. Bush still has his work cut out for him convincing the American people that all those droppings left behind by his parade of prodigious pachyderms are anything but steaming piles of partially digested agitprop. Because despite even the copious amounts of Febreze from "fair and balanced" Fox, the public is still holding their collective noses.

A slew of post Petraeus polls show that Americans just aren't buying the PR surge. And they also go along way toward explaining the sudden spinal regeneration on the part of the Democrats. As much as I don't wish to devalue the significance of this development but it needs to be said that we have seen this song and dance play out before. Only time will tell if it's the same old two-step (usually backwards).

But what has been clear even before last week's "same strategy, new slogan" rollout is that Americans have soured on this war and nothing short of a deux ex machina moment will change that. That Dems would wait until they could gauge the publics reaction to the Petraeus parade also points to how little faith they have in our ability to understand the situation. Then again, a PR surge worked to get us into this war. But once bitten, twice shy as they say.

In any event, the Bushies are no doubt squirming and are already looking for a fall guy for when the eventual "return on success" shows little in the way of return and even less in the success department.

Will Durst helps us sort out Petraeus' testimony.

The ramparts at the Times may be no more but, as Digby points out, the Beltway Villagers still refuse to venture outside their comfort zone.

And like me, David Sirota is cautiously optimistic that the Dems have finally gotten over their phobia.

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