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A Return on Success Staying the Course

The President gave his address last night that was being billed as a "Return on Success" (which begs the question: when did we ever "leave Success"? Is that anywhere near Basra?). But we all know this is just a return to the status quo. Bush announced that 5,700 troops will be home just in time for Christmas and another 23k will able to celebrate their independence from Iraq next summer. Though even now the Bushies are stressing that is unclear how many troops will actually be brought home.

But in any event, it's back to stay the course, even though they won't call it that. We'll be saddled with this new half-hearted slogan until the next time they need to buy more time to get us through the rest of Bush's time in office. As we've come to know with this administration, the only thing they know is marketing. But if the product reviews are any indication, few will be willing to buy no matter how "small" the price tag may be.

See also Fred Kaplan.

Update: Joe Gandelman has an extensive roundup with linkage to yours truly. Thanks Joe!

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