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Osama Bin Bloggin'

As predictable as the sun rising in the East, the righties have sought to draw a comparison with Osama Bin Laden's latest attempt to get in on the YouTube craze and the opinions of those on the left. Fox News' Sean Hannity got the meme ball rolling this go around, repeatedly saying that Bin Laden seems to have the far left talking points down pat. Conservative pundit David Brooks says ol' OBL sounds like a "lefty blogger...posting rants at the bottom of the page." Even CNN got in on the fun and although they didn't single out the left, it's clear from the context who they mean since the only "angry bloggers" on the right I know are the ones upset that Bush hasn't nuked Iran yet.

But back to this claim that Bin Laden sounds like some kook who raving kook. I've always had trouble with the disparity of the rhetoric coming from the right with regards to the terrorist leader. On the one hand we are told that he is the most dangerous person imaginable, a hodge podge of the worst dictators and despots in history (take your pick, he's been compared to just about all of them). Yet if he is so dangerous, why are his words laughed off as the bat-shit rantings of someone "posting at the bottom of the page"? If he is so dangerous, why such a laissez faire attitude when it comes to actually capturing him?

Perhaps because the symbiosis that has existed between the destructive dynamic duo of Bush and Bin Laden has worked so well, there is very little inclination for the host to part with the parasite. I'll leave it to the reader to determine which is which.

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