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Unable to MoveOn

The faux brouhaha over the MoveOn.org "Gen. Betray Us" ad last week has moved beyond the point of absurdity and into farcical territory. At first, righties merely seemed to be unable to move on past the headline of the ad. But then it became a nefarious plot whereby the NY Times gave MoveOn a "liberal discount" which one can assume is unavailable in red states. And even though that also proved to be utter bunk, that didn't stop Ragin' Rudy Giuliani from getting in to the fray.

Giuliani, ever the opportunist, found a way to turn the fracas into campaign fodder. So he took out his own ad. Though he was apparently strapped for cash since he demanded the same sweet deal MoveOn got.

In the ad, Rudy not only denounces MoveOn but sought to tie the criticism to his New York rival Hillary Clinton. According to Rudy, because Hillary had the temerity to question Gen. Petraeus' credibility, that just proves she was receiving commands from MoveOn via that subcutaneous implant that all liberals receive at birth. Apparently the signal was so strong, it was interfering with Fox News' implants in a couple of GOPers on the panel who were equally incredulous.

Giuliani wants to know "Who Should America Listen To?" Given his past commitment to and enlightened thought about some of the biggest issues facing our nation, Rudy certainly isn't one of them.

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