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Past Tense Much?

Way back in August, the New York Times ran an op-ed by seven soldiers serving in Iraq that criticized the surge strategy. The righties pounced on the authors, some going so far as to question whether they were capable of comprehending the glorious vision of Saint Petraeus' grand plan. They were just a bunch of low level grunts after all. Even the deaths of two of those soldiers a fortnight later did not squelch the characterizations of these troops as wholly misinformed about how great the surge was.

Now the Washington Post as run a similar op-ed, this time by a contingent of former captains, disparaging the foolhardiness of continuing the occupation of Iraq. They place great emphasis on the deep seated corruption amongst the Iraqi leadership and military, a topic which the Bushies still refuse to even fully acknowledge as having a detrimental effect.

So how do the righties choose to combat this second wave of phony soldiers? Why by noting that none of them are currently serving in Iraq! You really have to be there to see how swimmingly things are going! Man, don't they know we're like this close to declaring Mission Accomplisheded!

Yea I know, does make a lot of sense but since when did that ever stop them?

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