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We Didn't Start the Fire

Note: Sorry I've been off the grid the last couple of days but my computer was fried during a power outage. Thankfully I've managed to salvage all the files from my hard drive.

Salvaging Fox News' reputation, such as it is, as a "news" organization will be a far more difficult endeavor.

As one would expect, the wildfires in California have been the top news story for most of the week. Speculation has run rampant about the cause of the blazes, with reports of possible arsonists having been apprehended adding fuel the flames (no pun intended).

But the flame throwers at Fox News added their own bit of fearmongering accelerant when on yesterday's Fox & Friends broadcast, they discussed an FBI memo stating interest of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization in setting these sorts of massively destructive wild fires like those playing out in California. They cited an article about the memo as having been revealed this past week. Turns out the article in question is from 2003 and the particulars of the supposed plot were filled with so many discrepancies that the FBI didn't even feel the need to follow up on the claims. Of course that never stopped Fox when their was fearmongering to foment.

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