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Turkey or Baloney?

WASHINGTON (XF) - The overwhelming passage of a resolution by the Turkish parliament allowing so-called "hot pursuit" incursions into northern Iraq to hunt down Kurdish rebels has prompted an unusual response from Washington. According to sources familiar with the deliberations, White House officials are strategizing to determine whether or not US President George W. Bush has the authority to veto the Turkish resolution.

"The President wishes to stay relevent in the process," the source, speaking on condition of anonymity said, "So naturally we want to have a say with regards to any measures that would affect our efforts in Iraq". When asked how President Bush would have the authority to override a law passed by another country, the source is quoted as saying "Al-Maliki knows how that works", a reference to Iraq's Prime Minister.

Critics claim that Bush would be overstepping his authority should he choose void the Turkish law. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is quoted as saying "It's bad enough that he vetoes popular resolutions passed by our legislature, now he thinks he can do so with other country's governing bodies" Others claim that Bush would be alienating an ally in the war on terror, something which he has accused Congress of doing in considering passing a resolution condemning the 1915 Armenian genocide.

"If he [Bush] thinks Turkey would be upset by symbolic resolution condemning a ninety year old genocide, imagine how upset they'd be about having some other country's ruler negating their laws," one prominent critic said.

"The irony of course is that Bush is considering doing just what the Ottoman Empire use to do back in the day. Then again, he probably thinks Ottomans are those things you put your feet up on," a Congress aide is quoted as saying.

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