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Feckless on FISA

Despite his anemic approval ratings, President Bush has once again shown that all he need do is call a press conference and scold the Democrats to get them to submit to his will. The Dems have made a "deal" with the White House regarding telecom immunity. You would have thought they would have learned their lesson the last time they made such a deal but then they are more concerned that the Repubs will say they weak on terror. That the GOPers will do so no matter what only shows how easily cowed the Dems are, even with their majority status.

Forget fixing FISA, or ending the war in Iraq or overriding any vetoes. So long as the Dems refuse to truly stand up to Bush, they are the ones in need of proving they remain relevent. Until then, the Constitution and the rule of law will continue to suffer for their timidity.

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Update: Seems there are still some willing to stand up for the Constitution. Sen. Chris Dodd announced he's going to place a hold on the FISA bill.

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