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The Not So Quite Generation

A few weeks ago, Daily Kos diarist Georgia10 took to task NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman for his disdain of what he referred to as the Quite Generation. He lamented the seeming lack of any sort of meaningful protest from this generation's young voters. Georgia rightly pointed out that there are indeed those whose priorities far exceed merely waiting for the next XBox release or iPhone variant.

Nickelodeon had a program on the other day in which they document just some of those of that younger generation who Friedman says doesn't exist. Many of them aren't even old enough to vote, yet they are doing far more to further their various causes then many of Friedman's generation ever do. And for that, the righties are up in arms. They claim that Nickelodeon is "indoctrinating" children. That they are undermining American values. Yes for shame on Nickelodeon for undermining such American values as war, torture, and child labor.

The righties of course would rather children stay stupid, ignorant and watch some Spongebob (on second thought, forget Spongebob. He'll just indoctrinate them into the gay agenda). But if those depicted in that Nickelodeon program are any indication of our future, it looks far brighter than the one the righties would have them inherit.

Update: More from Libby.

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