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Of Head Scarves and Head Cases

Back in April, newly-minted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi drew the ire of the White House and denizens of Right Blogtopia when she dared make a visit to Syria to meeting with their leaders. Much of the condemnation was directed at her temerity to meet with those they deemed "the enemy" but a few chose to focus on her choice of attire. For you see like previous female representatives of the US visiting predominantly Muslim countries, Pelosi chose to wear a veil in the style of the traditional Muslim "hijab" or headscarf as a way to honor their customs. Righties were outraged that not only was she kowtowing to their leaders by meeting with them but she also confirmed the continued subjugation of women under Islam. It was a silly issue to bring to the discussion but then again these are the same folks who went into fits over lack of sufficient lapel flare.

But I'll give them one thing, at least they've learned to be consistent. They've now directed their Islamo-fashion sense at First Lady Laura Bush who also donned the veil of surrender on a recent trip to the Middle East. Among other things, claims that the First Lady was a "butt kisser" were lobbed about with ever increasing veracity.

Of course, when it comes to kissing up, some cheeks are more equal than others.

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