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Pins and Needling

Well it seems that the righties finally decided to move on from MoveOn. Unfortunately, their current outrage de jour is even sillier than the snit they worked themselves into over a newspaper ad.

The current top story this Saturday morning is the flap over Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama's flagless lapel. The uber-patriotic righties naturally have flaggged and flogged this story to within an inch of is perilously short shelf life. With the response his decision to forgo wearing his patriotism on his sleeve - er- lapel, you'd swear he had vowed to don an "I Heart Osama" button instead.

Perhaps the most vapid response to the fauxtage came from Mr. Hanctimony himself, Sean Hannity, whose excuse for why it is so vitally important that we sport these nifty little trinkets is the same as every other excuse Hannity ever utilizes: Because the terrorists are out to get us!

One wonders how the tiny bit of metal will somehow prevent a terrorist attack. Heck, it doesn't even suffice as effective body armor. Though it is probably considerably more than what our troops are getting in Iraq and Afghanistan...

But for all the bloviating on the part of Hannity, he apparently hasn't been doing his part for the war effort. So this dog-with-a-red-white-and-blue-bone shtick suggests the question: why does Sean Hannity hate America?

Hey, if the pin fits...

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