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The Shifting Road to Tehran

Fed up with the inability to scare Americans with visions of mushroom clouds courtesy of Iran, the Bush administration has "shifted" the casus belli for military confrontation to one of that country's supposed meddling in Iraq, thus reports Sy Hersh in his latest for The New Yorker. According to Hersh, the Bushies have given up the WMD angle and are now focusing on the alleged involvement of Iran's Revolutionary Guard in supporting attacks on coalition forces in Iraq. They believe the idea of "surgical strikes" against RG garrisons inside Iran will be an easier sell and and thus there has been a "significant increase in the tempo of attack planning". They're even coming up with a "Clinton did it too!" excuse to justify their actions. As always, the main impetus for this push to war comes mainly from the Vice President's office.

And while Hersh took pains to note that Bush has yet to issue an executive order, given that last week the Congress largely agreed with this "shift", one is certainly already on the drafting table.

More from Meme. See also A.L. who examines how an attack on Iran might affect the race to the White House.

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