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Dial Tone Deaf

Looks as though Rescue Rudy might be in need of some rescuing himself. During a speech to the National Rifle Association, America's Mayor took time to answer the call: from his wife that is. But given the reception his curiously timed interruption received, perhaps now would be a good time for Rudy to switch to a provider that doesn't have such great reception. Can you hear me now?

As for rest of Rudy's oration, he probably should have stuck with the I love yous. For his claim that 9/11 changed his view of how important is it to defend our rights under the Second Amendment seem rather specious when you consider that view likely doesn't extend to the rest of the rights ascribed on that piece of parchment.

And one last note, since Rudy has no problem with these glimpses into his personal life, maybe the media should learn to get over their aversion to pointing out the open secret.

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Democrats shouldn't focus on Rudy's family problems but on the fact that he's a fascist when it comes to foreign policy and thinks the 1st Amendment should be suspended during war time.

That's the truly scary shit.

But yeah, his family issues do reveal something about his character, or lack thereof.

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