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Indefinite Sentences

Yesterday, thanks to the most obstructionistiest GOP body to date, those detained in the war on terror as well as those fighting it have now been told their fates track along much the same course. For while the suspects in places like Gitmo have once again been told they do not deserve a right to question their detention, the soldiers serving in Iraq have again been told that they do not deserve adequate time at home. That it would in fact "demean their service".

In a sense, both groups are trapped in sentences to which neither know the duration.

For the troops, it is having the predictable effect and no amount of cutesy, yet utterly meaningless proposals will change that. And yet somehow the GOP is still considered the party that "supports the troops". Some support.

Now some would say I am being treasonous for having the temerity to compare accused terrorists with members of our armed services. But as some have astutely observed in the past, this war is more about us than it is about them. That we would give up cherished liberties and condemn our fellow citizens to the turmoil of a war that many now realize was a mistake, all for the hubris of a small cabal of elites, says more about we as a nation than anything the terrorists could ever do.

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