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Opening The Files: 09/25/07

Manic Mahmoud Monday

It was Mahmoudapalooza yesterday in Right Blogtopia. Apparently giddy from their triumph in squashing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's trip to Ground Zero, they set their outrage phasers to "pearl clutch" and directed their ire to Columbia University, where the New Hitler spoke and held a Q&A cession. But they mightn't have bothered, since after a blistering introduction by CU President Lee Bollinger, Mahmoud proceeded to make a complete ass of himself. His claims about women's rights and the lack of gays in Iran were met with the only howls they truly deserved: laughter.

But for the righties, the mere thought of giving this man a platform from which to make himself look the fool is just too much and once again our lawmakers seem intent on making everyone wonder who the real fools are. Love those priorities. For a party that projects itself as the "Tough Daddies", the GOPers sure need to change their undergarments often. Are we really that fearful?

Anyone else getting the feeling that was really has people like William Kristol, Michelle Malkin, and Glenn Reynolds worried is that we might go over our blow hard quota?

The Garlic has the scoop on the real reason for Ahmadinejad's visit.

Will Bunch isn't holding his breath that anyone will point out how much ol' Mahmoud's rhetoric sounds eerily similar to that of certain members of the right. Martin Lewis, meanwhile, says Iran is starting to sound like a paradise.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams feels like he's been had.

Steve Soto wants proof beyond just the regurgitated talking points from the media.

And Joe Gandelman wonders who the target audience was for this made-for-TV drama.

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