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Opening The Files: 10/02/07

Another Tour for the Phony Brigade

The "Rush Mad Rush" continues, this time with Senate Dems condemning his remarks about soldiers against the war. Majority Leader Harry Reid called his remarks "unpatriotic" and asked Senate Republicans to act with "equal fervor" in denouncing them. If by "equal fervor" you mean offering a resolution that praises Rush for his "ongoing public support of American troops serving both here and abroad" then yea, I guess you could say the Repubs are on board. No word yet on whether that "support" extends to the phony ones. Perhaps Rush wasn't the only one in need of a drug test.

Rush of course fired back at the charge in the only way he knew how: he dissembled more than Gonzo giving a committee testimony. Only in RushWorld could accusations that his words were taken out of context be "proven" by providing audio that completely removes the context. Then again, perhaps it is this contextlessness that has made him the darling of the right and why they are so willing to go to the mat for him.

Jane Hamsher says Rush should be booted from the Armed Forces Radio Network. Might as well since they aren't getting the whole story anyway.

Sen. Reid demanded that Rush apologize. Digby thinks such calls won't last long given how ineffectual they are when someone like Limbaugh is the one giving the "apology".

And Anonymous Liberal says that who the rightie blogs picked for their favorite people explains a lot.

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