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Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes

Twas the fortnight before Caucus and all through the land, much was stirring and Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes (Yea it doesn't rhyme, so sue me):

With barely two weeks to go before the Iowa caucus and Rescue Rudy tanking like a Brittney Spears' comeback tour, all eyes have turned to Mike Huckabee. Last week, Huckabee bashed the Bush administration's foreign policy as suffering from a "bunker mentality", which perhaps helped his poll numbers. But like all good little Repubs, he soon reserved course a bit to claim that prisoner treatment at Guantanamo Bay is "too nice".

Mitt Romney, however, embraced the Bush with much vigor. Such shouldn't have been any surprise since they seem to have some traits in common. For in seeking to defend his claim of seeing his father march with MLK, "No Lit Mitt" shows his grasp of the english language is about as tenuous as The Decider. Course what should be more worrisome is Mitt's equally messianic mentality.

John McCain has also been on the rise and was working doubly hard to suppress a rumor earlier this week. What it exactly was no one knows for certain but at least his learned his lessons from the '00 campaign.

Fred Thomspon...is he even still in this thing?

Tom Tancredo...nope.

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