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First Aid Fido

Pooch gets physician position.

WASHINGTON (XF) - In an unusual move, the White House has announced that a dog will become a member of the staff at the Walter Reed Medical Center The Xsociate Files has learned.

According to an anonymous source, the hiring was prompted by reports that Toby, a 2 year old golden retriever, saved the life of her owner by performing the Heimlich maneuver when she began choking on an piece of apple. Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino said that President Bush was so impressed by the heroism of the shaggy savior that he felt compelled to offer the Heimliching hound a position as "honorary physician" at Walter Reed.

While the title is considered to be unofficial, critics of the administration claim that the move is in actually in response to reports of a lack of adequate personnel to care for wounded veterans returning home from combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"They are so desperate for anyone with even the slightest bit of medical training, they're willing to let the place go to the dogs," one political analyst is quoted as saying.

(Filed at State of the Day)