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Opening The Files: 03/27/07

I'll have a shot of 5th on the rocks.

Purgegate just got a lot more interesting now that a top aide of Gonzales, Monica Goodling, has pled the 5th and refused to testify before Congress. There's a debate going on about whether or not Goodling can invoke such a right. But one thing is certain: there are probably quite a few Bushies out there downing a fifth over this pleading of the Fifth since this twist now implies possible criminal conduct, protestations from Gonzo notwithstanding. I guess all this pleadin' is what happens when you have a staff unwilling to take the fall for the fall guy.

And how convenient is it that the Bushies should discover the Bill of Rights right when they appear to need it. Once the subpoenas start flying, I wonder how soon it will be before others in the Bush gang start puckering up for a sip from the 5th amendment chalice.

Oliver Willis has some simple advice for Repubs worried about incriminating themselves.

Taylor Marsh says Gonzo-gate has moved into mob territory. PM Carpenter suggests BushCo's shoddy cover-up job is an insult to gangsterdom. And Frank Rich, meanwhile, wonders when Al is gonna get whacked.

Ben Schwartz has an idea for a reality show based on the Bush administration.

Tom Burka reports of other White House officials following Goodling's lead.

And Sandy Levinson says Monica should be given immunity because if "it was good enough for the first Monica, it should be good enough for the second". By the way, what is up with DC scandals and women named Monica?

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