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Debates vs. Sound bites

This morning, everyone is critiquing the performances of the slew of Democrats who attended last night's debate in my home state of South Carolina. And while these events are good for helping to determine a particular candidates stance on any given issue, I can't help but feel that such deep analysis only really matters to those of us in the polito-junkie sect. In the age of instant gratification and mind numbingly short attention spans, most of today's voters just aren't as well knowledged about politics as they use to be. Most will be surprised to hear a debate even took place. The debate itself will be condensed down to thirty second sound bites to be played at the top of the new hour cycles.

Which is all really sad because this will be how most voters get to know their candidates. Just consider some of the following things we've gleamed:

Rudy Giuliani will be wrapping himself in the shredded flag from the World Trade Center.

Mitt Romney thinks that heaven and earth should remain stationary since getting one man isn't important.

John McCain is an asshole with a sick sense of humor.

If this current crop of Republican hopefuls is any indication, we are in for another seriously divisive campaign and the Democrats will have to work hard get their message heard above all the sound bite rhetoric.

Update: Must read post from Scarecrow.

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