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Opening The Files: Gonzo Hearing Edition

Slow Grillin'

Yesterday's big buzz was the much anticipated appearance of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Gonzo got a major grilling, even from the Republican members of the panel. He was flipping and flopping around so much he threatened to fall right off the hot plate seat. It was indeed like "clubbing a baby seal" as one observer called it. Only difference being you can sympathize with the baby seal. Gonzo? Not so much.

But despite being burnt to a crisp, the White House is sticking with their embroiled and flame-broiled AG.

The Gonzo-meter shows Al is almost well, done.

Kevin Hayden on Gonzo's lame Sergeant Schultz defense. It certainly would explain his way of thinking, so sez Magpie.

Shaun Mullen examines the memory hole, which at this point rivals the grand canyon. Thankfully, the Donkeys are taking us for ride to find what's at the bottom.

Larisa has a few take aways from yesterday's testimony.

TRex, in his own inimitable style, has some late night FDL love for ya.

McJoan thinks the NY Times is starting to sound a lot like your average blogger.

And David Bromwich says it's not hard to understand Gonzo's concept of honor when you consider who he chooses to pal around with.

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