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We now know the identity of the shooter in Monday's Virginia Tech killing spree. He is Cho Seung-Hui, a South Korean who immigrated here with his family. Some of the right wing blogs will not be appeased, however, and continue to tie themselves in knots trying to link this incident to Islamic terrorism. Their current hangup is over a cryptic scrawl on the now deceased gunman's arm which some claim as a sign that he suffered from Sudden Jihad Syndrome. They just can't seem to fathom that some non-white individual would go schizo and off a bunch of his peers without it having anything to do with the dreaded Islamofascist threat.

And while some are questioning the motives of the shooter, others are questioning the courage of the victims. National Reviews' John Derbyshire wonders why the students didn't emulate the heroism of the passengers of Flight 93 and disarm their assailant. Nathaniel Blake went further and questioned the testicular fortitude of the male students that didn't fight off their would be executioner.

I'd say someones been watching too many movies.

More on the Doublemint Derb's from Libby Spencer, Carpetbagger, Eli, Ezra Klein and Dr. Steven Taylor.

Update: KO doles out the awards.

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