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Opening The Files: 04/14/07

Ctrl + Alt + Dubya

A very busy week. Imus got the axe and Purgegate has now been overshadowed by Emailgate with the mysterious disappearance of more emails than your average day's worth of male enhancement related spam. It all started when Congress, during the course of their attorney purge investigation, noticed some of the headers on the emails were from Republican National Committee accounts. They sent out word to retain those files, at which point the White House admitted that those files may have been 'mishandled'.

With Congress' ire beginning to heat up, it was pointed out that some of the missing files could probably be retrieved. So it went from "the dog ate my homework" to "well he has select tastes" since only Karl Rove's emails were the ones gobbled up. Apparently Ole Turd Blossom is such a fastidious emailer that not only does he regularly purge the attorneys his trash bin but also wipes clean of fingerprints his surgically implanted Blackberry. Not that he meant to do any of it mind you. Force of habit really.

But the issue of these emails may be a moot one, since the Bushies are also trying to claim that all communications, even those by the Shaquille O'Neal sized 'handful' of staffers who used RNC accounts, is covered by executive privilege. And so it was we had a another Friday docudump to help muddy the coverage some more. No wonder they call it muckraking.

SpinDentist says the White House is outsourcing everything these days.

Mark Kleiman thinks the Bushies are overplaying their hand. I'd say they aren't playing with a full deck.

The Anonymous Liberal examines the two hat excuse. Or is it dunce caps?

Robert Freedland on the parallel universe the Bushies inhabit.

Cernig wonders if Karl Rove would be a perfect candidate for FOX's newest quiz show.

And Maha noticed a common thread throughout the knot of scandals entwining the executive branch. Bill Maher has some new rules that may help to unravel the whole mess.

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