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Opening The Files: 04/10/07

Impertinent in the Morning

By now you've heard about the dustup over Don Imus' comments on a certain women's basketball team. Well his flagrant foul has now gotten him two weeks on the bench. And while that may or may not be an appropriate punishment depending on who you talk to, what I can't figure is why his overt racism is being singled out while similar umbrages by other well known radio personalities hardly seems to warrant a blip on the politically incorrect radar?

Digby speculates why the corporates keep coming back when, if incivility is to be the judgment standard, talk radio has the blogs beat hands down. She also examines the love to be hated relationship with the journos.

Booman talks about the crumbling edifice of Bushism that so afflicted the news media for so long.

Chicago Dyke tells us of another inconvenient truth.

Mustang Bobby schools us on what's funny.

Cenk Uygur on why, regardless of how much we might not like what Imus has to say, silencing it would be far worse.

Toppled Statues and Statures

Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad, forever immortalized by the now famous toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein. But four years on, many Iraqis are wishing they could put it back up. Far more of them took to the streets to protest the occupation than were witness to that scene of supposed liberation.

But as with everything that happens in Iraq, the Bushies have their rose-colored glasses firmly affixed to their faces. They claim that these anti-American protests are a sign of progress, for now Iraqi's can "freely gather and express their opinions." Happy Anniversary everyone!

I'll leave it to
Larry Johnson to debunk the "they couldn't do this four years" ago canard.

Robert Scheer says at least the Iraqis are finally showing unity on something.

Robert Naiman thinks the Iraqis were trying to send us a message in a bottle. I have a feeling the Bushies would rather they just stick a cork in it.

And here's Tom Tomorrow on "Crazy Train" McCain's claim that things aren't so bad in Iraq. So long as you ignore...

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